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Thendral is a Tamil drama serial directed by S. Kumaran. It premiered on December 7, 2009 and is being aired weekdays on Sun TV[1][2] Thendral stars Shruthi Raj, Nizhalgal Ravi, Deepak Dinkar and Subalekha Sudhakar in the lead roles and revolves around a girl's struggle in a middle-class family, focussing on the importance of womens' education.It is one of Sun Tv hit serial right after Thirumathi Selvam.

Thendral Tamil Drama/Serial

Thendral is a Tamil drama serial directed by S. Kumaran. It premiered on December 7, 2009 and is being aired weekdays on Sun TV Thendral stars Shruthi Raj, Nizhalgal Ravi, Deepak Dinkar and Subalekha Sudhakar in the lead roles and revolves around a girl’s struggle in a middle-class family, focussing on the importance of women’s’ education.It is one of Sun TV hit serial right after Thirumathi Selvam serial.

Thendral serial Strory

The story of the Thendral tamil serial serial revolves around the main character Thulasi and her best friends, namely Deepa and Kalyani. The character of Thulasi is played by Shruti. Thulasi’s mom ran away when she was a child and ever since Thulasi’s family has shunned her, especially her father and stepmother. The only family member that truly cares for Thulasi is her grandmother. Thulasi’s only dream is to continue her studies in order to help her family, but she’s faced with trouble in the form of Velayudam (played by Nizhalgal Ravi).He’s a break-inspector and a thug who falls for Thulasi, not to mention he is old enough to be her father (45 years old). He offers 5 Lakhs to Thulasi’s father in return for the marriage,frequently blackmailing him with it after. Despite that her greedy father takes it, planning on using it to pay for his son’s further studies in engineering though Thulasi studies much better. Of course Thulasi doesn’t want to marry but due to pressure from her father she is forced too. Soon her marriage night arrives, but not all hope is lost, because soon Tamizharasu (played by Deepak) arrives, and the rest of the story revolves around if he can or not save Thulasi from her marriage. Tamizharasu saves Thulasi from her marriage and helps her for her future studies. Then the story starts to focus around Tamizharasu’s life in addition to Thulasi’s. Tamil is supposed to marry Charu, a girl that his mother chose, and his sister will marry Charu’s cousin, but Tamil is still in love with Thulasi. Now Tamil has to tell his in laws and mother somehow before it’s too late. Tamilarasu’s sister Lavanya told Thulasi and her friend Deepa about Tamil’s engagement with Charu.There after Thulasi decides to stay away from Tamil for his own and mothers sake. Tamil now lives in Thulasi’s house to escape from the Police due to his bank matters. In the house, he expresses how much he loves her (so does she), but she sadly hides her love for the sake of Charu (engaged girl). Now, Muthumanikkam has got Tamizh out of the house, and has asked him to change Charu’s and his mum’s mind if he wants to marry Thulasi (his daughter). Tamizh’s mum went to Thulasi’s college and embarrassed her. Tulasi decide to marry Tamizh at the same time so that she can prove to Tamizh’s mum that she is a sensible girl. They married at temple and Charu saw that marriage. They went to get blessing from Thamizh’s mum but she cursed both of them. Now the couple live in Muthumanikkam’s house and Padma does not like them living there. However, Muthumanikkam asked her to get out of the house with Mohan if she doesn’t want Thulasi and Tamil in the house, so she had to accept. After that, Thamizh and Thulasi had so many romantic moments such as when they went to look at their new house.Then, Velayutham had a plan to kill Thamil and to make Thulasi a widow so he told a man to kill him but another man came up to Thamizh and pushed him so they had a fight. Tulasi told Tamil to come back to go home, but Tamil refused to and told Thulasi to stay back and that he will deal with it. Instantly, the man pulls a knife out of his backpack and stabs Tamil twice. Thulasi took him to the hospital but she had no money to pay for the operation. Tamizh’s Muthumanikkam, Lavanya, Puvi and Sudha are shocked hearing the news. Tamizh’s mum cursed and said nasty dialogues about Thulasi badly and pushed her down the corridor (in the hospital), so she had to leave. Muthumanikkam goes back with Thulasi and Patti but she still showed anger towards them. Muthumanikkam couldn’t bear the problems Thulasi had, he has a heart-attack. Padma asked Thulasi and Patti to go to Velayutham’s house to ask for money for her husband (Muthumanikkam). Thulasi accepted to do this help. Meanwhile, Tamizh’s operation is finished, and he keeps asking his mom where Thulasi is. Of course his mother does not tell him. Then, Padma calls Tamizh’s mom in the hospital and tells her that Thulasi went to Velayutham’s house for bad reasons. So Thamizh’s mom takes Puvi to Velayutham’s house to check and unfortunately at the time she walks out Velayutham is sitting too close to Thulasi;feeding her juice. Thulasi is about to get up but Tamizh’s mom sees and gets mad. After cursing at Thulasi again Thamizh’s mom goes to the police station and writes a complaint on Thulasi. the officer there promises to take action but does not because he is a friend of Velayutham. The officer tells Velayutham about the complaint and Velayutham tells him to take action so people think Thulasi is having an affair with him. Then he tricks Thulasi into staying at his friend’s house and drugs her milk. She then falls asleep and he takes pictures of himself sleeping beside her, making it seem like they are having an affair. Then he tricks her to sign divorce papers, before she is arrested. When Thamizh’s friends find out Thulasi is arrested they try to tell Thamizh at the hospital but Thamizh’s mom won’t let them go inside. The friends try to explain to Thamizh’s mom not knowing Thamizh was listening. Thamizh asks his mom to take him to court so he can testify against Thulasi and his mother is delighted. At court, Thamizh tells the judge about his wife’s(Thulasi)innocence and declares in front of everyone that he would never leave his wife, even if Velayutham had raped her. After Thamizh proves Velayutham guilty and the judge releases Thulasi. Thamizh leaves with Thulasi, Muthumanikkum, Patti and the college students. He goes to the hospital with Thulasi and turns around to see his mom, Lavanya, Puvi and Sudha behind him with sheepish looks on their faces. Thamizh tells them that he does not want to be near them anymore, and tells them that he wants to live happily with his wife only. Sudha lets him know that although it was Thulasi that got Thamizh to the hospital; it was her husband Puvi, that had paid for the surgery. Thamizh smartly lets her now that he had transferred all the money that was spent on his medical charges to their bank account at the moment. Thamizh then tells his mother that if she doesn’t leave; he would have to call t he police. Thamizh’s family then leaves him. Meanwhile everyone at Charu’s house talks about Thamizh’s courage and integrity. Charu and her Dad do not like this. Charu’s dad is furious it is revealed that he was the one who tried to kill Thamizh,but no one knows this yet. Charu goes to Thamizh’s house to suck up to his mom. When she gets back, shes really mad that her ex-fiance likes his wife so much. She read the paper and learns all the sweet things Thamizh said about his wife.She rips up the paper and calls Thulasi at the hospital. Thulasi suspects Charu was jealous, and talks with an edge on her voice. Then Charu tells Thulasi about trying to get the family back together. Although Thulasi is fooled and listens, she determines Charu is jealous because Charu sneakily suggests Thulasi has a fight with Tamizh if he does not agree to talk to his mother again.Being Restless,charu visits thamizh in hospital.There he was enjoying the beauty of his sleeping wife.charu enters into the room ,thamizh asked her not to awake thulasi but by slipping a water bottle cunningly she wake her up.charu understand by the sight of thulasi that she didnot like her presence.after a while deepa arrived to see thulasi and asked her to come and attend the special class in college.thulasi feels reluctant to leave her husband.charu says that she’ll take care of him.A duty doctor (Gokul) came and mistook charu as his wife after both of them says that they are not couple , doctor apologises ,as he want to check thamizh he suggests charu to leave.By the comment charu became furious and says how thick their friendship is . somehow,thamizh convinced her to wait outside.Thamizh told her do not mention every mishap happening in their life to every one.she agreed and took leave when his friends kanagu and joseph came.The police officer came to thamizh and says that a man came and surrendered in the police station for stabbing him and showed him a photo and ask him that if it is a man who stabbed him.Thamizh get confused and says he is confused.The officer says he will arrange for a parade and leaves the place.Thamizh calls the Sub Inspector who helps him a lot in his needy situation.He told S.I that he knows the man who tries to kill him by his face.Photo that shown to him is not the accust.Thamizh told him that he can’t believe the officer and asked him to interrogate about the person who really wants to kill him. S.I promised him to do so.By his interrogations he understands that veeraraghavan charu’s father is the person who gave money to the professional killer to kill Tamizh. Tamizh is discharged from hospital and now he lives with his wife in a new house; they are Anand’s neighbours. The first day they went to the new house, Tamizh’s friends, Thulasi’s friends, Patti, Muthumanikkam and Anand’s parents celebrate with “pal kachal” function. Charu also visit them during Tamizh and Thulasi share a romantic moment. She gives the couple a night lamp and puts in a their bedroom. Deepa, Kalyani and Patti knows about Charu’s true colour (they don’t tell Tamizh or Thulasi) , but Tamizh and Thulasi still don’t know whether to believe Charu or not as they have guilty feelings towards Charu. Thilaga visits Thulasi and Patti (when Tamizh is not there) and says sorry for all the bad things her brother did for Thulasi. However, Thulasi says not to worry about anything and Patti says lets not talk about the past now. Thilaga adds that Thulasi is very lucky to get a very good husband and says Tamizh will take so much care of her. Both Patti and Thulasi are really happy. Thamizh and Thulasi request Thilaga to give her father’s house papers to her father himself. Thamizh goes with the nice police officer and interrogates with Veeraraghavan. After emotionally blackmailing him, Veeraraghavan accepts for Nitheesh and Lavanya wedding. Thamizh’s mother plans an engagement for her daughter Lavanya with another guy. She ultimately accepts, due to her mom’s emotional blackmail. Thulasi and Thamizh share a lovely moment at night at home by themselves. Thulasi accidentally knocks down Charu’s lamp (so good for her). Thanks to Kanagu’s call, Charu’s line gets cut. Out of frustration of calls, Thamizh switches off his cell and the current goes off, leaving Thamizh and Thulasi together (awww.FN). The next morning, Thamizh makes bed coffee for Thulasi. Murugesan’s wife and brother visit him pleading for not getting arrested for his murder attempt. They confess their mistakes and tell Thamizh that they will go to the bank with him and confess their wrongdoings and as well pay back the money they stole. Thamizh and Thulasi are happy that he will get his job back. Thulasi gets ready to go to college. Nitheesh’s family plans the wedding for him with Lavanya, but Charu and Veeraraghavan show their disgust and may have other plans in mind. All is well for Thulasi and her beloved hubby, Thamizharasu, as of now.Meanwhile Shyamala,the daughter of a “rowdy” is in love with Anand ,shyamala meets him when he is caught by his brother for beating his brother. ……. Watch Thendral serial online on

Thendral Drama – Suntv Serials

Thendral serial Actors Actress

Shruthi Raj as Thulasi (Heroine)
Deepak Dinkar as Tamizharasu (Hero)
Nizhalgal Ravi as Velayudham (Break Inspector)
Subalekha Sudhakar as Muthumanikkam (Thulasi’s dad)
S. N. Lakshmi as Patti (Thulasi’s grandmother)
Shanthi Williams as (Tamizharasu’s mum)
Neelima Rani as Lavanya (Tamizh’s sister)
Anthony as Puviarasu (Tamizh’s brother)
Shyam Viswanathan as Anand (Tamizh’s friend – comedian of the serial)
Aarthi as Shyamala (Anand’s lover)
Aishwarya as Bhuvaneshwary (Doctor’s wife)
Adams as Prabhakar (Bhuvaneshwary’s son)
K.R Vatsala as Thilaga (Velayudham’s sister)
Sam Sundar as Nitheesh (Lavanya’s lover)
Suzanne George as Kalyani (Thulasi’s best friend)
Hemalatha as Deepa (Thulasi’s best friend)
Sadhana as Pathma (Thulasi’s step mum)
Iyappan as Mohan (Thulasi’s step brother)
Sujitha as Pavithra (Thulasi’s step sister)
Kavitha as Pooja (Puviarasu’s daughter)
Yuvarani as Thirupura Sundhari (New Bank Manager)
Swaminathan as Vengadachallam (Old Bank Manager)
Rajasekhar as Varatharaajan (Deepa’s dad)
Ramesh as Chandru (Thulasi’s collegemate)
Sri Vidya as Charulatha (Tamizh’s Previously Engaged Girl (Enemy: Want to break Tamizh and Tulasi Couple))

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